Vedanta Institute

Durban • Johannesburg • Cape Town

To provide education on life skills and fundamental values and to cultivate a strong intellect thereby establishing dynamism in action, peace of mind and clarity in thinking.

About us

Vedanta Institute Durban Trust is a registered non-profit organisation NPO 042 047. The work of the Trust is inspired by Swami Parthasarathy, the internationally eminent philosopher widely regarded as the greatest living exponent of Vedanta. Over the past fifty years, Parthasarathy’s outstanding contribution to humanity has been the translation of subtle philosophical themes into practical techniques of living.

Vedanta Institute is managed by a group of South Africans who have graduated from the Vedanta Academy, India. The Institute is dedicated to the study, research and dissemination of Vedanta through public lectures, classes, retreats, youth programmes and corporate workshops. Graduates are based in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town to facilitate education in Vedanta.

The Institute’s annual education initiative is to host Swami Parthasarathy and daughter-disciple Sunandaji from India to conduct a series of lectures throughout South Africa.

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