What is Vedanta?

What is Vedanta?

Vedanta is derived from two words, veda knowledge and anta end. Vedanta means the culmination of knowledge. It is the ancient Indian philosophy which answers the fundamental questions of life.

It designs the pursuit of happiness through logical and systematic exposition of eternal truths. Founded on no individual, Vedanta is a system of knowledge discovered by pre-eminent seekers of Truth. It is a philosophy that belongs to one and all. It bears no distinction of caste, creed, community or religion. Its universal application appeals to all lovers of truth. The knowledge promotes material and spiritual well-being. Combines dynamic action with mental peace. Instils the higher values of service to provide prosperity and peace to the community.

Above all, the application of the philosophy’s principles promotes true self-development, ultimately leading to Self-realisation, the state of human perfection.

Vedanta in Relationships

One person smokes a cigarette and finds pleasure in it. Another person detests it. One lady divorces her husband. Another craves for and marries the same man. Therefore, pleasure and pain are not inherent in objects and beings of the world. It is in how you relate to them. Vedanta is the art of relating to the world. Mastering this technique, you lead a smooth, pleasing existence – to yourself and to others. *

Vedanta at Work

Millions of doctors have graduated from medical schools, but one person discovered the cure for tuberculosis. One person found out how to transplant a kidney. Millions of engineers passed out of engineering schools but one person designed the Panama Canal. One person devised the Euro Tunnel. What separates the achievers from the rest? It is the intellect which is distinct and different from intelligence or knowledge gained from schools and universities. Vedanta enables you to develop the intellect – the capacity to think, reason, judge and decide. Only then does your intelligence take the right direction in life making you successful and peaceful in this world.*

*Used with permission from Vedanta World

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