Finding the Middle Path

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Entire humanity is involved in two extreme approaches to life. One class of people goes all out and indulges in the world seeking enjoyment. Another class forcibly abstains out of an irrational fear and suppresses itself. Both end up bitterly disappointed. The middle path envisages an intelligent approach instead. Provides the guidelines on the art of right contact with the world.

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A logical approach towards discovering the purpose of life. Previously insurmountable challenges are easily conquered by a clear intellect, your faculty to think, reason, judge and decide.

Happier Living

Happiness seems to elude us. Gain clarity as to what happiness is and where it can be found. Through an unselfish approach in life, one can begin one’s journey to a life of sustained joy.

Act Like Nature

Take a look at nature. Learn from the sun, moon and stars. They work tirelessly. They have no ego, no selfish desire to fulfil. Discard the selfish ego. Your actions then turn out glorious. 

Learn the art of balancing your life - follow the middle path

About the speaker

Craig, Vedanta Institute South Africa

Craig Warren’s association and interest in the study of Vedanta commenced over a decade ago. Studying directly under internationally acclaimed philosopher and author Swami Parthasarathy, Craig completed a postgraduate in Vedanta philosophy.

Craig serves as the director of the Vedanta Institute in Cape Town. He is engaged full-time in the propogation of the knowledge of Vedanta.


Double Tree Hotel

Set in a modern building, this upscale hotel is centrally located, being just 6 km from the Cape Town city centre and within close proximity of the M3 highway (Groote Schuur Hospital exit). The venue offers ample street parking as well as underground parking facillities.
The conference room is comfortable, well maintained and condusive to learn higher values of life, enunciated in the discourse. A small restuarant provides light meals and coffees.

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Double Tree Hotel

Between the two extremes of indulgence and abstinence lies the middle path. 

The lack of development of the intellect causes the mind to run wild into the extremities of living and suffer the consequences thereof

Swami Parthasarathy
Philosopher / Author

Learn the art of treading the middle path

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