Human Rights to Human Duties

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What does it mean to be human? The defining characteristic of a human being is unselfishness. The capacity to think beyond oneself and to direct one’s efforts and actions towards the welfare of larger circles of existence. It is a characteristic that rests on the performance of duties as opposed to the asserting of rights.


Event Schedule

  • 09:20 Arrival
  • 09:30 Talk begins
  • 10:30 Talk ends. Q & A follows.


People do not realise the beauty and grandeur of real work. They entertain worldly motives to work. Join us and learn the blue print to right action. 

Act Like Nature

Take a look at nature. Learn from the sun, moon and stars. They work tirelessly. They have no ego, no selfish desire to fulfil. Discard the selfish ego. Your actions then turn out glorious. 


If peace and happiness is within you why do you look without? Understand your inner personality. Find the peace and happiness you seek within.

Learn to shifit from rights to duties and restore the peace and contentment within yourself. 

 The only cure for the conflict and confusion in this world is a shift in thinking from human rights to human duties.  

Understanding your inner personality ensures a better relationship with the world.  Consequently, the peace and happiness you seek is established. 

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