Life Management - 6 week course Aug/Sept

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In life we try to manage our time, our work, our relationships etc. A great deal of stress and strain occurs as a result.  What we fail to realise is that no matter how much effort is put into managing our lives, it cannot be managed externally.  All management boils down to an internal management of oneself.  The greater is our level of self management within, the better equipped we are to manage all aspects of our lives. 

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You need a powerful intellect to keep your mind focused on your present action, not allowing it to slip into the past or future. You then become more efficient and productive in your field of activity.

Grandeur of self-discipline

Moderation and regulation of  sensual enjoyments ensures a life of continued happiness and enjoyment of the world. Self-control is not self-denial. What then is control?


People do not realise the beauty and grandeur of real work. They entertain worldly motives to work. Join us and learn the blue print to right action. 

Learn to Win

We all seek success, yet it seems to favour some more than others. Understand the impeccable play of cause and effect, learn the method of right action and cultivate the future of your dreams.

Join us for this 6 weeks course and begin to understand your life and purpose better!

Workshop Aims: 

-  Afford you the time and opportunity to understand yourself better.

-  Provides the knoweldge & skills to manage your life and yourself more effectively.

-  Specifies clear yardsticks to measure your evolution in life.

-  Highlight the ultimate mission of every human being and the path to achieve it.