Rising, Not Falling in Love

One Hour Public Talk

by Craig Warren

  • Sunday 24 Feb 2019
  • 10:20 - 12:00
  • Orms School of Photography
  • Free Admission

Understand the True Meaning of Love

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Falling in love is easy, a state where we become controlled by our emotional impulses and attraction. Rising in love, is far more difficult. It requires our heads to rule our hearts. The philosophy of Vedanta provides a simple and clear formula to overcome the weak emotion of attachment and cultivate the universal feeling of love

Event Schedule

  • 10:20 Arrival and registration
  • 10:30 Talk begins
  • 11:30 Q&A

Pure Emotion

When the ego contaminates love, it turns into attachment – decimating relationships, communities and countries. Gain the knowledge necessary to cultivate true love.

Love definition

Love is feeling where you feel a oneness with all beings.

Love is a temple

"Marriage is like a temple resting on two pillars. If they come too close to each other the temple will collapse." - Kahlil Gibran

Rise in Love

Break the bond of attachment and experience the freedom of pure love.

Turn your preferential attachments into universal love

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