Stress: Cause and Cure

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The world is plagued by stress and strain. People succumb to trial and tribulation, worry and anxiety, suffering and sorrow. Stress-related diseases are reaching epidemic proportions exacting a heavy toll on human life. Stress management courses are the order of the day. But they merely offer ad hoc remedies without reaching the root of the problem. These help the aggrieved only for a short while.

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Key to Peace

Ego obscures inherent joy with unwanted sorrow and misery. Gain the skills necessary to subdue and control this invisible enemy within.

Why Worry?

When you accept and learn to live by the supreme law, what is the need to worry? Whatever events you encounter will only be the effects of the causes you sew. 

Dynamic Action

Get more done in less time. Action is driven by either the likes and dislikes of your mind, or by the reasoning and judgment of your intellect. Power of Action is decided by the choices you make in life – on what basis do you make these choices?

Eliminate Stress. Attain peace of mind.

About the Speaker

Craig, Vedanta Institute South Africa

Craig Warren’s association and interest in the study of Vedanta commenced over a decade ago. Studying directly under internationally acclaimed philosopher and author Swami Parthasarathy, Craig completed a postgraduate in Vedanta philosophy.

Craig serves as the director of the Vedanta Institute in Cape Town. He is engaged full-time in the propogation of the knowledge of Vedanta.

The uniqueness of this session is its analytical approach to the origin of stress, where the source of stress is located. Clear solutions are explained. Thereafter participants are fully prepared to handle stress. 

Live stress free

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