The Power of Self-control

Every Saturday 4 - 18 May 2019

  • Saturday 4 May 2019
  • 08:00 - 09:30
  • The Field and Study Centre
  • R450
Self-control is neither denying oneself nor indulging in the world. The art of right contact with the world is the essence of self-control. Self-denial results in a frustrated and insipid life while the effects of intelligent self-control is the joy of life. This course will delve into the meaning and practice of self-control. The proper practice of self-control leads to a perfect relationship with the world. 

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Workshop Topics: 

WEEK 1: First Step to Gaining Control
WEEK 2: Mastering the Senses for Lasting Control
WEEK 3: Gain Higher Values

Event Schedule

  • 08:00 Session Begins
  • 09:15 Q&A Session Begins
  • 09:30 Session Ends

Grandeur of self-discipline

Moderation and regulation of  sensual enjoyments ensures a life of continued happiness and enjoyment of the world. Self-control is not self-denial. What then is control?

To Be or Not To Be

Shakespeare’s timeless words highlight the consequence of being consumed by emotion and therefore unable to make sound judgement. We are constantly faced with the dilemma of making choices. To do so, humans are blessed with the intellect.

True Happiness

Gain insight into the real nature of happiness. What is it and where can it be found? Why does it seem elusive despite our efforts?

Join us for this 3 weeks course and begin to understand the yourself better.

Perfect your relationship with the world. Find lasting happiness and true fulfillment.