Turn your Resolutions into Realities

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Ever year we decide that, "This is the year!" However statistics show that very few people are able to fulfil the goals they set for themselves. Why can’t we follow through with the plans we ourselves have decided are important? Join us to find these answers and gain the knowledge and tools to ensure that you develop motivation, consistency, diligence and enthusiasm in the pursuit of your goals.

Event Schedule

  • 10:15 Arrival and registration
  • 10:30 Talk begins
  • 11:30 Q & A session
  • 12:00 Event Concludes

Raise Yourself

We sabotage ourselves daily, most of the time without even being aware. What would life be like if we could unlock our full potential? Study the avenues that sap your performance and how to avoid them.

Consistency of Purpose

When your actions are focused in one direction, there is power. Like water flowing in one direction with strength generates electricity.


Most people equate spirituality with discarding life’s pleasures and leaving worldly duties behind. Prepare to broaden your horizons on the role of action in your life and how it will be your ticket to spiritual evolution.

Be the change you want to be.