Turn your Resolutions into Realities

One hour free public talk

By Linestha Chavan

  • Sunday 27 Jan 2019
  • 10:30 - 12:00
  • Field & Study Centre
  • Free admission

Make sure that 2019 is what you want it to be.

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Making new years resolutions is the easy part. Sticking to them is the challenge. What is it that prevents us from doing what we have decided we ought to do in life? Why can’t we follow through with our plans when we have an earnest desire to reach our objectives? Join us to find these answers and gain the knowledge and tools to ensure that you develop motivation, consistency, diligence and enthusiasm in the pursuit of your goals. 

Event Schedule

  • 10:15 Arrival
  • 10:30 Talk Begins
  • 11:45 Q&A Session
  • 12:00 Event Concludes


You need a powerful intellect to keep your mind focused on your present action, not allowing it to slip into the past or future. You then become more efficient and productive in your field of activity.

Grandeur of self-discipline

Moderation and regulation of  sensual enjoyments ensures a life of continued happiness and enjoyment of the world. Self-control is not self-denial. What then is control?

Quest for Happiness

If peace and happiness is within you why do you look without? Understand your inner personality. Find the peace and happiness you seek within.

Just do it.

This year doesn't have to be like all the others. Make a change.