Understanding Karma Yoga

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Karma Yoga, The Yoga of Action, defines perfect action dedicated to the attainment of the Supreme Reality. 

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You need a powerful intellect to keep your mind focused on your present action, not allowing it to slip into the past or future. You then become more efficient and productive in your field of activity.

Consistency of Purpose

When your actions are focused in one direction, there is power. Like water flowing in one direction with strength generates electricity.


To achieve results in any field of activity, you have to work with others as a team. Work performed with a spirit of cooperative endeavour reaches heights of achievement. 

Understand the fundamental principles of Karma Yoga, the Yoga of Action.

About the speaker

Craig, Vedanta Institute South Africa

Craig Warren’s association and interest in the study of Vedanta commenced over a decade ago. Studying directly under internationally acclaimed philosopher and author Swami Parthasarathy, Craig completed a postgraduate in Vedanta philosophy.

Craig serves as the director of the Vedanta Institute in Cape Town. He is engaged full-time in the propogation of the knowledge of Vedanta.

I attribute my studies (of Vedanta) to improving the skills I need as a leader. My clarity of purpose is sharper than it has ever been in my life.

Larry Moon

Chairman & CEO Sandstone Group


Double Tree Hotel

Set in a modern building, this upscale hotel is centrally located, being just 6 km from the Cape Town city centre and within close proximity of the M3 highway (Groote Schuur Hospital exit). The venue offers ample street parking as well as underground parking facillities.
The conference room is comfortable, well maintained and condusive to learn higher values of life, enunciated in the discourse. A small restuarant provides light meals and coffees.

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Double Tree Hotel

The true power of any action lies in the intention behind the action. It’s not what you do, but how you do it. Perfect action is beyond self-centered desires, dedicated to a higher ideal. Productivity and success comes from performing perfect action.

"Living is an art, a skill, a technique. You must learn and practise it as you would the violin, golf or bridge."

Swami Parthasarathy
Author and Philosopher

Master the science of stress-free success.

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