Vedanta, Knowledge of Life and Living

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"Vedanta is all about your life and living. Living is an art, a skill, a technique. You need to learn and practise it as you would a game or musical instrument. " - A. Parthasarathy

Vedanta enunciates the eternal truths of life. This universal knowledge appeals to all lovers of truth. Founded on the principles of logic and reason, the subject promotes material and spiritual well-being. Combines dynamic action with mental peace. Above all, its philosophy leads one to the ultimate goal of Self-Realisation.

Event Schedule

  • 11:00 Talk begins
  • 12:00 Talk ends


A rational presentation to elucidate what you are seeking in life. Discover the path of self-management and evolution which climaxes in absolute peace, bliss and the realisation of your true Identity.


If peace and happiness is within you why do you look without? Understand your inner personality. Find the peace and happiness you seek within.

Elevate your thinking. Transform you Living

Learn the art of right living

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