Vedanta Institute SA

Vedanta Institute


Vedanta Institute is a registered non-profit organisation. Our service to the community focuses on the dissemination of Vedanta via the following avenues: weekly classes, youth programmes, talks, retreats, corporate workshops and our annual lecture tour. The daily study of Vedanta develops the human intellect which is the capacity to think, reason and judge before acting. A developed intellect restores peace and happiness within the individual.

The work of our trust is inspired by A. Parthasarathy or Swamiji, as he is affectionately known. A. Parthasarathy is the pre-eminent philosopher and author. In the course of six decades of selfless service to humanity. Swamiji’s outstanding contribution has been to infuse the eternal wisdom of Vedanta into modern life for peaceful and productive living. In 1988 he founded the Vedanta Academy wherein he imparts Vedanta knowledge to young students from all over the world.