From Concern To Composure

26 July 2020

3 pm (SAST) |  1 pm (GMT)

Event hosted by Vedanta Cultural Foundation

Co-sponsored by Vedanta Institute Durban Trust

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About the event

In this one-hour session, Swami Parthasarathy turns our attention within – to analyse our personality and assess its condition.

Human beings can achieve permanent peace and absolute prosperity. But lack of the knowledge of living has denied us peace and success. This talk should encourage us to drop our complacency, control our personality and overcome the challenges of life. Learn the art of relating to the world to enjoy harmony in relationships and success at work.

Source: vedanta.tv

Live better

Life is a sport.
Understand the game. Play it well.

Find Calm

Find success

It is a choice.
Choose to achieve.

Be inspired

Look forward to Monday morning,
not Friday evenings.

Choose wisely

A powerful intellect
will transform your life.

Meet the Speaker

Known as the “Go-Getter’s Guru”, Swami Parthasarathy is featured in leading publications such as TIME, Businessweek, Forbes, CNN, Sports Illustrated and The Sunday Times.

Author of twelve books including three bestsellers in six decades of study and research on Vedanta.

Has addressed World Bank, World Economic Forum, Festival of Thinkers, Young Presidents’ Organisation, Indian Cricket Team, Harvard, Oxford, NASA, Google et al.

Founder of the Vedanta Academy, an institution dedicated to the development of the human intellect.

At 93 follows a daily exercise program and has won many most-valuable-player awards for his Academy cricket team.

Personal Rehabilitation

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times

In Indian tradition, Guru Purnima is a sacred day where one salutes the great sages and saints who have shared their eternal wisdom with the world. They offer humanity an opportunity to live a life of higher values and discover the peace and happiness that lies within. With respect and gratitude, the student humbly surrenders to the master’s guidance and takes to the path of self-purification. This annual lecture offers a timeless philosophy to the world.

It is not the world that distresses you but how you relate to it.


“The life work of Swami Parthasarathy has made an important world step in bringing the fundamental attention of the Human Intellect to the fore. It is up to educators, pupils and individuals alike to take this knowledge and utilise it in their learnings, teachings and everyday life.”



As a journalist in an increasingly fractured world, I’ve found that a guideline to life and living is essential; but what’s more essential is that such a guidance is based on truths that can be tested. Among the countless traditions that open a path to humanity’s essence. Vedanta is all but unique in this regards.”



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