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What people are saying

Life is like a jungle. Vedanta gave me the tools to cut through the jungle, carve a path and find a light to follow with confidence and some ease. Finally, I am breathing with a smile.

Lucie Page, French Canadian Journalist and Writer

As a journalist in an increasingly fractured world, I’ve found that a guideline to life and living is essential; but what’s more essential is that such a guidance is based on truths that can be tested. Among the countless traditions that open a path to humanity’s essence. Vedanta is all but unique in this regards.

Kevin Bloom, Author and Journalist

Nowhere are we taught practical life skills enabling frictionless engagement with the world. In a systematic manner Vedanta has taught me how to reduce stress, think objectively and fast-track my emotional well-being and financial success.

Riaz Gardee, Chartered Accountant

Vedanta philosophy has taught me to remember the eternal Truths. What an honour and blessing. Through study and thought provoking dialogue, we are encouraged to critically engage with the world and ourselves. We are reminded that we don’t have to identify with the chaos of the mind and that the change we desire is possible. As a lecturer, it has shifted the way I approach teaching my students. As an actor is has made me aware of how deeply invested I was in emotional triggers that brought disease, conflict and turmoil in my work space and personal life.

The teachings have created much needed space that has brought peace and awareness. What an empowering learning experience.

Masasa Mbangeni, Lecturer and Actress