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The inability to balance work and family obligations cause stress which results in poor productivity and strained relationships. To achieve a work-life balance one ought to rehabilitate one’s inner personality. Short courses offer participants an opportunity to begin the journey of self-improvement. Skills acquired from these courses include self-control, strength of emotion, and critical thinking. Course themes include: Conquering Stress, Perfecting Relationships, Achieving Success, Dynamic Living and Finding Peace and Happiness.

The duration of our short courses range from 3 to 6 weeks. Sessions are held once a week for one and a half hours. They include an interactive lecture followed by a Q&A session

Upcoming Short Courses

02 March 2021
18 May 2021

Governing Business & Relationships (12-week course)

One needs to manage oneself before attempting to manage anything external in life. Why do you compare ...

6:00 pm - 12:00 am
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04 March 2021

The Fall of the Human Intellect (on demand)

Stress, depression, disease in individuals and militancy, vandalism, terrorism in societies is threatening humanity with extinction. ...

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